Upcoming Projects! I Have a Job??

Although I fell off the face of the earth for a few weeks (or months), I didn't actually die! Here's the scoop. As you may or may not know, I recently quit college (for the second time) and moved home from Alaska.  From there, I plunged into about a month of stress.  That time isn't... Continue Reading →

V-Day! and Lent begins…

Happy Valentine's Day! I got to spend the day babysitting a great tiny person! Notably, today is also Ash Wednesday. I do make a habit of observing Lent. For anyone unfamiliar, Lent is a 40 day period of fasting before Easter. Many people give up something important to them for these 40 days. Sweets, caffeine,... Continue Reading →

Sick Day – Day 56

I did nothing today, because I feel terrible. Not a full flu, and fingers crossed that doesn't develop. I should have traded some of my Netflix time for sleeping, though. I'm off to make up for that now. Stay healthy this flu season, everybody! Goodnight.

Sick but Productive – Day 55

Okay guys, this post is later than I've been aiming for, but I am actually in bed at 9:24. I got my whole routine done and am ready to sleep! Not that I'm going to sleep right now. I have some YouTube to catch up on. Point is, I'm feeling extremely accomplished. Plus, I'm definitely... Continue Reading →

Superbowl Sunday – Day 54

Late post today. Considering I should have been asleep an hour ago, that's a little frustrating. Finally got to the gym after over a week though, so that was awesome! As was the Superbowl, of course. Fly Eagles fly! All very exciting. Some people may have noticed that I missed a post yesterday!? I fell... Continue Reading →

Finally Unpacking – Day 52

I'm finally unpacked! How did unpacking take so long when I took only two bags to Alaska, you ask? Allow me to extrapolate. First, arrive home and carry your bags into the house. Congratulate yourself for not leaving them in the car. Fall asleep without doing anything. Next, wake up. Dig out your toiletries and... Continue Reading →

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