Piña Coladas/Getting Caught in the Rain

Alright, it was a pineapple popsicle.  Rupert Holmes didn’t mention popsicles though, so that title didn’t flow as well.

I was eating a pineapple popsicle yesterday because it has been ridiculously hot.

Hot weather is not for me.

I appreciate a nice beach and the sunshine as much as the next girl, but I’m from the cold North.  Surviving the heat is a huge accomplishment for me.

My dog also dislikes the heat.  Possibly because she’s covered in fur and absorbs sunlight.  My sink is constantly running just to refill my water bottle and her bowl.  Helpfully, she drinks about a third of the water she’s given and drips the rest around the floor.

One of my problems with this heat wave is my work uniform.

If there’s one thing I love about summer it’s the ability to wear almost no pants most of the time.  Shorts are my favorite article of clothing.

You cannot wear shorts as an EMT.  Which makes sense, but that’s hard to remember when I’m walking around in navy blue cargo pants and work boots.  Luckily, our uniform shirts are white, not navy.  Unluckily, that means we get to wear two shirts.  Work shirt and undershirt.  All day.  In the sun.

If our air conditioner ever breaks at least my coworkers can save me from heat exhaustion.

To anyone from the South rolling their eyes, I know.  You’re stronger than I am.

My one salvation is thunderstorms.  After the humidity crushes me all day, I’ll drive home and watch the clouds roll in.  I let the dogs out, change into jean shorts, and wait for the storm to break and bring a beautiful cool breeze.

Cold wind would be better, but I manage.

Yesterday, the clouds rolled in with the cool breeze.  Hallelujah.

The rain stayed north of us and I worked on vacuuming sheetrock dust off my (soon to be) bedroom floor.

After a few hours, sticky and tired from working in the attic, Aro and I went outside for our evening walk.  The sky was overcast but the air was cooler and I was happy.  We weren’t walking too far and I figured if it started to rain we’d get a little misty on the way home before it poured.

Was I ever wrong.

North Dakota is dry and I tend to forget Minnesotans don’t measure their rain in hundredths of an inch.

I heard the rain start north of us and a minute later it was coming down in sheets.  Turning back to the house and kicking off my sandals, Aro and I ran the three blocks home.

It was pouring rain, it was freezing, and it was glorious.

Sometimes I do have to appreciate summer.


Upcoming Projects! I Have a Job??

Although I fell off the face of the earth for a few weeks (or months), I didn’t actually die!


Here’s the scoop.

As you may or may not know, I recently quit college (for the second time) and moved home from Alaska.  From there, I plunged into about a month of stress.  That time isn’t necessarily over, but I have figured out a few things, and have plenty of projects in the works!

First off, I have an actual adult job!  Obviously I’ve been working for the last four years, but I am now working full-time as an EMT in the Twin Cities.

I have also moved from home in ND to the metro area, which brings me to my big project.  Remodeling an (admittedly tiny) apartment!

Luckily, I will not be tackling this venture by myself, and I will be sure to update everyone as the process continues.

I’m super excited to work on an ambulance, I should be able to crash a few rugby practices, and now I’ll have a place to sleep in my off time!

This transition time has been crazy, but I’ve resolved some situations necessary for survival as an adult, so I’ll be posting again.

I really appreciate everyone’s patience and hope you’ll check back for some fun updates!


5 Pictures that Prove Blue is Good for the Soul

Hello everybody!

All sorts of updates are coming tomorrow, but today is color focussed.

I’m a big fan of yellow. It’s sunny, warm, and positive. There’s nothing better for my mood than a field full of sunflowers.

I spend a lot of time on Pinterest, and I’ve been searching a lot of yellow. Yellow is great, but it’s also a high energy color. Mustard yellow was clogging my feed last night and I was feeling super stressed.

I recalled reading that blue is a calming color. That information is no joke.

One picture of hyacinth flowers later, a few deep breaths, and the zen was real, guys.

Just look at these super chill plants.

(This is not hyacinth, and none of these photos were taken by or belong to me.)

Some gorgeous blueberries are ridiculously soothing.

I could take a nap in this epic ice cave, but I’d have to close my eyes.

Why not throw in some textiles to mix up the texture?

Finally, some beautifully varied mosaic tiles. Staring at this picture is just behind actually floating in a still pool.

Sometimes stress gets the best of me, but taking a few moments to unwind and appreciate the blue in the world helps!

V-Day! and Lent begins…

Happy Valentine’s Day! I got to spend the day babysitting a great tiny person!

Notably, today is also Ash Wednesday.

I do make a habit of observing Lent. For anyone unfamiliar, Lent is a 40 day period of fasting before Easter. Many people give up something important to them for these 40 days. Sweets, caffeine, watching TV, swearing. I consider Lent a time of self-discipline and an opportunity to grow.

In that respect, I generally give up something that’s distracting me. Last year, I gave up Pinterest, Netflix, and online books. It was difficult, and I was forced to notice how often I reach for my phone.

This year, I was planning to do the same.  I know that I’ve been using my computer to procrastinate.  A lot.  As I considered my internet use, I realized that using social media was not the habit I wanted to focus on.

Pinterest, Netflix, Facebook, and Youtube interfere with my productivity.

I am giving up procrastinating, specifically by way of the internet.  I can use whatever sites and apps I want, as long as there’s nothing left on my to do list for the day.

So far this Ash Wednesday, I already went on Facebook when I should have been writing this post and then washing my dog.  I did get to both of those things, but my timeline wasn’t quite what I’d hoped for.

This will definitely be a challenge.

We shall see how this year’s season of Lent goes.

I’m Back! +Blog Updates – Day 63

Woah, I’ve missed quite a few days.

Welcome back everybody! It’s been a little crazy this last week as lots of changes are being planned!

Here’s a little backstory. I moved back home a little less than a month ago. It’s great to be close to my family, but moving back after college, and specifically after my own apartment is… interesting.

Overall, a lot of my time has been spent reeling, refiguring my plans, and creating to do lists.

Next on the list is finding a job and living on my own again.

I’ve also spent this time off thinking about my blog. The last 60 ish days have brought a lot of lessons.

One being that quality content can be hard to create.

To be honest, I was feeling a little burnt out on posting every single day. Surprise! Some of my days aren’t that interesting.

I’ve decided to amend my goal (that’s okay!). It is now to spend a half hour everyday on my blog.

This time could be in writing a post, coming up with new ideas, promoting, or tweaking design aspects. I should develop other blogging skills while keeping the quality of my content top notch. I care about putting out posts that people want to read and that doesn’t always happen daily!

I’m also nixing the day numbers in my titles.

First, it’s more difficult to keep track without daily posts. Second, my titles haven’t been the most snappy. I’m giving myself as much creative wiggle room as possible. We’ll see what happens.

Stay tuned for some great content coming up.

Lots of changes ahead, including more focused (and interesting) posts.

Wish me luck!

Sick Day – Day 56

I did nothing today, because I feel terrible. Not a full flu, and fingers crossed that doesn’t develop.

I should have traded some of my Netflix time for sleeping, though.

I’m off to make up for that now.

Stay healthy this flu season, everybody!


Sick but Productive – Day 55

Okay guys, this post is later than I’ve been aiming for, but I am actually in bed at 9:24.

I got my whole routine done and am ready to sleep! Not that I’m going to sleep right now. I have some YouTube to catch up on.

Point is, I’m feeling extremely accomplished. Plus, I’m definitely coming down with some sort of ailment, so sleep is key.

The moment describing today was using my Christmas gift card to order tea and dental floss from Amazon. Good adulting and some under the weather indulgence.

I ordered a chocolate tea by Numi that I’m excited to try!

I’m off to catch up on Glam n Gore before I hit the hay.