The Little Wedding Shop by the Sea

little wedding shop by the sea

4 stars.

Fun and flirty with plenty of British slang and spunky character.  A solid chic lit page-turner.

If you like… relatable ladies, chic lit, weddings, baking, community in stories, farmers.

I have to say guys, I was not expecting to like this book.  I’ve been on a cozy kick recently and was looking for books (romance, obviously) including baking, books, coffee, really anything cozy.  This title was recommended by my book app algorithm and I thought, why not?

Polly, the main character, is a baker.  Right off, I got my fictional cake fix, things were looking good.  The story is set in Cornwall, and reading books set in England is endlessly amusing to me.  Thank you, British vernacular.  As characters were introduced, I became more invested and by the end of the book was happily ensconced in the Little Wedding Shop family.

I mentioned in my The Bookshop on the Corner review that grouchy love interests have gotten old to me, but Jane Linfoot pulls off her characters well and keeps things interesting.  I recommend giving Poppy a visit if you need a break on a rainy day!

Plus, her name is just adorable.

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