Upcoming Projects! I Have a Job??

Although I fell off the face of the earth for a few weeks (or months), I didn’t actually die!


Here’s the scoop.

As you may or may not know, I recently quit college (for the second time) and moved home from Alaska.  From there, I plunged into about a month of stress.  That time isn’t necessarily over, but I have figured out a few things, and have plenty of projects in the works!

First off, I have an actual adult job!  Obviously I’ve been working for the last four years, but I am now working full-time as an EMT in the Twin Cities.

I have also moved from home in ND to the metro area, which brings me to my big project.  Remodeling an (admittedly tiny) apartment!

Luckily, I will not be tackling this venture by myself, and I will be sure to update everyone as the process continues.

I’m super excited to work on an ambulance, I should be able to crash a few rugby practices, and now I’ll have a place to sleep in my off time!

This transition time has been crazy, but I’ve resolved some situations necessary for survival as an adult, so I’ll be posting again.

I really appreciate everyone’s patience and hope you’ll check back for some fun updates!


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