5 Pictures that Prove Blue is Good for the Soul

Hello everybody!

All sorts of updates are coming tomorrow, but today is color focussed.

I’m a big fan of yellow. It’s sunny, warm, and positive. There’s nothing better for my mood than a field full of sunflowers.

I spend a lot of time on Pinterest, and I’ve been searching a lot of yellow. Yellow is great, but it’s also a high energy color. Mustard yellow was clogging my feed last night and I was feeling super stressed.

I recalled reading that blue is a calming color. That information is no joke.

One picture of hyacinth flowers later, a few deep breaths, and the zen was real, guys.

Just look at these super chill plants.

(This is not hyacinth, and none of these photos were taken by or belong to me.)

Some gorgeous blueberries are ridiculously soothing.

I could take a nap in this epic ice cave, but I’d have to close my eyes.

Why not throw in some textiles to mix up the texture?

Finally, some beautifully varied mosaic tiles. Staring at this picture is just behind actually floating in a still pool.

Sometimes stress gets the best of me, but taking a few moments to unwind and appreciate the blue in the world helps!

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