I’m Back! +Blog Updates – Day 63

Woah, I’ve missed quite a few days.

Welcome back everybody! It’s been a little crazy this last week as lots of changes are being planned!

Here’s a little backstory. I moved back home a little less than a month ago. It’s great to be close to my family, but moving back after college, and specifically after my own apartment is… interesting.

Overall, a lot of my time has been spent reeling, refiguring my plans, and creating to do lists.

Next on the list is finding a job and living on my own again.

I’ve also spent this time off thinking about my blog. The last 60 ish days have brought a lot of lessons.

One being that quality content can be hard to create.

To be honest, I was feeling a little burnt out on posting every single day. Surprise! Some of my days aren’t that interesting.

I’ve decided to amend my goal (that’s okay!). It is now to spend a half hour everyday on my blog.

This time could be in writing a post, coming up with new ideas, promoting, or tweaking design aspects. I should develop other blogging skills while keeping the quality of my content top notch. I care about putting out posts that people want to read and that doesn’t always happen daily!

I’m also nixing the day numbers in my titles.

First, it’s more difficult to keep track without daily posts. Second, my titles haven’t been the most snappy. I’m giving myself as much creative wiggle room as possible. We’ll see what happens.

Stay tuned for some great content coming up.

Lots of changes ahead, including more focused (and interesting) posts.

Wish me luck!

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