Finally Unpacking – Day 52

I’m finally unpacked!

How did unpacking take so long when I took only two bags to Alaska, you ask?


Allow me to extrapolate.

First, arrive home and carry your bags into the house. Congratulate yourself for not leaving them in the car. Fall asleep without doing anything.

Next, wake up. Dig out your toiletries and basic needs. Spend the morning explaining why you’re not in Alaska. Halfway through the day partially unpack one bag.

Day 3: Wear all the clothes you left at home. Stack discovered clothes and dirty laundry on top of suitcases.

Leave that to stew for a few days, as you settle back in to being home.

Finally, take advantage of a cleaning energy spurt. Tidy up your space, fold laundry, and put everything away.

Revel in the orderliness.

I’ll be getting back to messing stuff up tomorrow.


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