Falling Out of Good Habits – Day 51

The last few days, I’ve been struggling to get my posts up. Part of it is waiting until it’s late, but the other issue is trying to come up with new content every day.

Today’s topic is about creating habits.

Good habits are really hard to keep up, because bad habits are so easy to fall into.

It’s easy to just go to bed without washing my face. It’s easy to eat a peanut butter sandwich instead of making a salad.

Lazy is easy, but it’s not rewarding.

I don’t feel good when I know that just a little more effort could have gotten me to my goals.

Right now, I’m struggling to keep my good habits in the midst of a lot of change.

My main time suck is my phone. I go on Pinterest, I buy books through Google Play and stay up reading until 2 am. I watch rugby videos on Facebook. They’re only a few minutes long, but that time adds up.

Last year, I gave up some of my electronic vices for Lent. As the season of fasting approaches again, my internet use is weighing heavily on my mind.

We’ll see how everything shakes out, but I think Pinterest and Facebook are going to be banned from my phone.

Social media is important to me, as it helps me stay connected to family, friends, and rugby news. Staying mindful with my time is the key.

Today my alarm went off to write this post, and I opened my phone. A half hour later, I started writing.

I’m not anti social media or internet time. I just need to prioritize my time in order to stay focused and accomplish my goals.

I’ll let everyone know how it goes.

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