Wildlife Extravaganza – Day 50

My post is a little earlier today.  Baby steps.  As usual with a new routine, the changes kick in slowly.

I took a bit of a drive this morning.  North Dakota has some pretty brave wildlife and the highway is their hangout spot.

This creates a vicious cycle of dead animals attracting carnivorous animals, who then tangle with cars, and the cycle continues.

Today I saw a few deer (alive) and a coyote.  The full moon wasn’t casting much light at 7:20 because of the lunar eclipse.  Nevertheless, my headlights picked up a pair of eyes in the road and I watched Mr. Coyote continue his hunt across the neighboring pasture.

I’m a little disappointed I didn’t see a moose or bear in Alaska, but North Dakota delivered a smaller predator for me today.  (I did get to hear an owl who must have been chillin’ just outside my dorm at UAF.)

My mom arrived in ND this morning on the train, so I picked her up.  We got some coffee and started the trek back home.

Just outside Minot, there was a startlingly large bird eating something dead next to the highway.  Turkey vultures aren’t uncommon in this area, so I didn’t think too much of it.  As we passed, I realized this particular ‘vulture’ had some unusual markings.


Yep!  We got to see not one, but two bald eagles enjoying some carrion.  They made a pretty cool picture in the blowing snow.  Unfortunately, driving prevented me from getting an actual picture.

Combined with the super blue blood moon of last night, Mother Nature really went all out today.  I’m blessed to live in such a beautiful state.  I’m glad I took time to notice the world around me today.

That reminds me that I should take a trip to the ND Badlands when it warms up.  Here’s to dreaming up some more adventures.

Goodnight, everybody.

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