Struggles of Glasses – Day 48

Anyone who has less-than-perfect vision knows glasses aren’t a cakewalk. Everyone has their th pet peeves, but these struggles are relatable.

Dropping your glasses. Off your face, on the floor, into the ocean, whatever.

Forgetting other people can see you when you can’t see them.

Pushing your glasses up. All. The. Time.

Trying to look over your frames. Not actually being able to see over the top of your glasses.

Sports with glasses.

No peripheral vision. Or depth perception, for some.

Getting hit in the face. It’s okay, I just have the opposite of armor surrounding my eyes.

Putting your glasses on with contacts in. What is wrong with the world??

Babies breaking your glasses. Why do babies love glasses?

All the broken glasses.

Forgetting your glasses are on and looking everywhere for them. Wait, I can actually see right now.

Poking yourself in the eye when you forget you’re wearing contacts. Act casual.

Not using your glasses to itch your nose when wearing contacts. Especially bad if your hands are full and you can’t do the shoulder shrug/glasses itch.

Forgetting to take off your prescription sunglasses and not being able to see inside with or without them.

Scarves that trap breath, fog, or humidity of any kind in a cold environment.

Opening the oven or dishwasher and waiting 10 minutes for your glasses to clear.

On the bright side, what’s not a problem?

Looking hella cute in your glasses.


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