Revolution – Day 49

Okay guys, big change is here.

Blogging is no longer going to be my last task of the day.

I’ve been staying up too late and spending too much time on my phone before bed. I don’t give myself enough time to edit or add fun links. My content is rushed.

All controllable.

I’ve been frustrated and needing to make this change, but it was just solidified.

Thankfully, it was pointed out to me that my previous post about glasses included a typo. This error was rather important, as the sentence was not intended to read, “Babies love asses“.

While I gave myself a good laugh, this was an unnecessary error.

I also need to change my posting time for my readers. There’s no reason anyone should be getting an email in the middle of the night. If they do, it most likely isn’t being read right away, if at all. We’ll see how this change goes.

Wish me luck in this new endeavor against procrastination! I’m off to sleep before my earlier post tomorrow.

Goodnight, everybody.

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