Hockey Weekend – Day 46

Alaska time it’s only ten, so I’m giving myself a pass on this post being late.

Today I spent time talking with my family (the best), thinking about a new plan, and cheering my voice away for 10 year olds playing hockey.

There’s nothing better than getting invested in a sports game. Cheering your heart out and celebrating (or mourning) with the people around you. Obviously it’s important to keep it under control, *cough* Philadelphia, looking at you. The excitement and team atmosphere feels great, no matter what kind of team you’re cheering for.

Hockey took up most of today, and tomorrow starts bright and early with a game at 8:15. It’s an official hockey weekend.

epic hockey

Our guys were a little more coordinated than this.

Monday I get to officially start the job search. We’ll see what kind of opportunities come up for the next slice of time on this crazy trip!

Goodnight, all.

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