I Flew to Alaska and Only Went to College for 11 Days – Day 45

Hello everyone! I’m going to miss my midnight deadline with this post. It has taken me a while to find what I want to say.

First, I’m back in North Dakota!

If you’ve been following my posts, I moved to Alaska for school two weeks ago.

Turns out, that wasn’t the best decision for me. Here’s why.

Overall, this was a financial decision compounded by lots of other smaller factors.

Not having a car required me to work on campus. I think working on campus is a great option for students, but as my only option it would barely cover my tuition and living expenses.

Obviously covering expenses is an important part of working, but I went to Alaska because of all the other opportunities. I don’t have the chance to travel, and ski, and camp, if all my time is spent working to pay tuition. I can spend all my time working closer to home where I have more options.

The other solution was a loan. I thought about it. I could borrow some money, and either buy a car to work more or just pay my tuition.

The thing is, I already have student loans. Going into more debt right now is a last resort for me.

My financial independence is more important to me than proving I could tough it out in Alaska.

That’s really what this came down to, especially because of all the little factors piled on the money stuff.

Alaska is awesome, and beautiful. I knew after the first week I wasn’t planning to stay long term. I was fine with that, and I think going away just for college can be a great option. That’s not the best option for me.

I felt conflicted about putting in so much effort to make connections I knew I’d be leaving behind.

I did make a few good friends, even in the short time I was there. When that was the main reason I was sad to leave, though, I knew I made the right decision.

Another huge stressor was that I tried to start with a full load of math and science after a semester off. Not fun.

Alaska is dark, which affected me way more than I expected.

The buses don’t run on Sundays and it was too cold for me to walk to church.

Little, but frustrating pieces. All together, I knew I had nothing to lose by admitting my mistake. Plus, my grandma said that’s brave, so I’ll take what I can get to sooth my pride.

I’m happy to be home, and I’m super blessed that I can take a minute to make a new plan now. I definitely don’t regret my time in Alaska, but I learned it wasn’t the best fit for me, in rather spectacular fashion. At least this will make a good story.

After all that, I’m going to sleep, in my own bed. After flying (non-continuous) overnight and then driving 8 hours to get home, lying down is amazing.

There’s nothing better than coming home from far away, even if you weren’t gone very long!

Goodnight, everybody. On to more adventures tomorrow!

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