Gratefulness and Giving – Day 41

Monday leg day this week.  On top of that, the UAF campus is built on a hill.  The view is great, but I got to walk from lower campus to upper campus between every. single. class. today.  After that my run felt like a cake walk (not true).

Apart from all the walking, it was a good day.  I had my first three hour lab of the semester.  I finished a lot of work, so I’m feeling better about doing that Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday (not all the same class).

Now on to some thinking business. 

Being a broke college kid is nothing new, but it can definitely be stressful.  I had a windfall of some good timing, good luck, and good people today.  Sometimes I need a reminder to count my blessings, and I definitely got one.

I was also reminded how important it is to ask for help.

Worst case scenario, you didn’t lose anything.  Best case, you have the tools to succeed.

Especially in college, so many tools and resources are available if we just ask.  I definitely struggle with asking.  Sometimes I’m uncomfortable, embarrassed, or just think I should be able to do everything alone.

Newsflash, self.  If that’s not impossible, it’s usually not a lot of fun.

It’s important to me to be independent, and I’ve spent a lot of time trying (and usually failing) to do things on my own.  I’ve learned a lot that way, but I’ve also learned there are other ways.

Reaching out can be really hard, but it feels great when somebody meets you halfway.  I have an amazing support system, and I am so thankful I can lean on them when needed.

On the flip side, I have the ability to be a helping hand too.  Yes, I am a broke college kid, but I can skip one coffee to give 5 dollars to the food bank.  It can be as simple as buying coffee for a friend.  Or giving a hug.  Or volunteering.  Or just talking to people.

My mom always says 10% of income should be given, because what goes around comes around.  Everyone is in a different place, and that’s fine.  Giving doesn’t have to be about money, but I know that when I’m frustrated about the 20 dollars I spent on a T-shirt, I don’t regret the $25 I gave to a CaringBridge campaign.

I’m lucky enough to be able to brush off 5 dollars, but when 5 dollars matters it can make all the difference in the world.  Even a little bit adds up.

It’s like running.  I can plan to run 5 miles every Saturday, or I can run a mile every day.  One option is a lot easier, and I’ve made 2 extra miles at the end of the week.  I can’t even run 5 miles at a time, so the second option makes a lot more sense.

When I treat giving the same way, whether through time or money, it’s a lot more manageable.  Plus it makes me feel good, so what’s the downside?

Thanks for sticking around for my thoughts on a bit of an emotional day.  Best wishes and hugs to everybody, wherever you might be right now.

Goodnight all.

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