Adventuring Far from Home – Day 42

Today is officially a week since I started class in Alaska.  This experience has been quite the adventure already, and I’m excited to spend the next few months here.

Moving so far away from my family was my main worry at the beginning of this adventure, and missing them is a big challenge.  I don’t regret giving myself time to adjust and grow, but I know I don’t want to live full time so distantly.

Today was my first hard day in Alaska.  The weather here is weirdly similar to North Dakota, which makes the transition easy.  The problem comes in when the cold and snow and cloudy sky feel so familiar that I expect to drive home and watch a movie with my brothers.  Also, I miss my dog.

The next three and a half months are going to be a real test for me.  Hopefully it goes fast and I can fill my time with cool experiences.  Looking at you, bears.

The upside is that I’m actually doing a good job keeping in touch with family and friends.  It’s easy for me to take them for granted when they’re right there, but reaching out is a huge priority now.  Pros and cons of being close to your family.  Kidding.  I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

I did not wake up early this morning, but I did get to the gym this evening.  The problem is that the Student Rec Center is at the bottom of a huge hill.  Not a big deal on the way there, but exhausting on the walk back.  Also, I keep calling people while I’m walking between places.  Everyone I know thinks I’m either really out of shape or running everywhere.

It was a bit of an interesting day, but I got through it (with the help of some ice cream).  Every day feels like it creeps by, but these three months will go fast.  I’m working on treasuring this experience, and I’ll keep letting you know how it goes.

Goodnight everybody!



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