Living with Animals – Day 40

I almost forgot to blog today. Strange, considering I even had a good idea and took pictures and everything.

To start with the gross, I did laundry today. One of the joys of dorm and apartment living is, of course, shared laundry.

Washing went fine, then I moved everything over to the dryer. The top of said dryer was fairly covered in lint, so I closed the dryer door before opening the lint trap. I have never seen so much lint stuck to one rectangle of mesh. If I was collecting lint for fire starters I’d be set for life. The whole dryer was practically a fire starter. Lucky me, I got to remove all four (at least) different layers of lint.

My question is, who doesn’t check the lint trap before they use a shared dryer? If you didn’t before, now you know people are gross. Especially college people.

To move away from grossness, I also did more baking today. I’ve had lots of free time this weekend. Today was brownies, with peanut butter.

Here’s a picture to help cleanse from the last one.

I didn’t even eat too many of them.

Hopefully some deliciousness helps wrap this up on a good note. Since I put this post off until I was actually in bed, I’m headed to sleep.

Goodnight, even to whoever left me my weight in lint.

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