Running for Ice Cream – Day 38

Happy Friday!

My Calculus class was cancelled, so I had a slow morning, which was nice.  Tomorrow I get to sleep in as late as I want!

The last few days have been crazy, and I was feeling really unmotivated.  I didn’t do much other than go to class and watch Friends.

My run streak has held up since Christmas Eve, but I was seriously considering skipping today.  I went to Physics, and when I came out of lecture the snow was glittering like tiny sequins were dusted everywhere.  Mother nature came through with the motivation, I got all my gear on, and cranked out a quick mile.

Best part?  I got ice cream on the way home.


On the food note, I made bread today, which went better than the perogies.  It looks great, except I squished all the air bubbles at the bottom of the loaf when I transferred it to its baking dish.  Other than being a little under-proved, it’s a nearly perfect crusty loaf.

I also discovered Poshmark, which is pretty cool.  There’s nothing I like better than feeling good about what you buy, and making money off stuff you don’t need anymore.  I definitely recommend checking them out if you’re late to the party like me.

Homemade bread, ice cream, a short run in the snow.  My Friday went about as well as possible.  I’m going to top it off with some solid sleep tonight.

Here’s to ice cream for dinner!  Goodnight.

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