Existing with No Car – Day 39

Saturdays are the best! I had a slow morning, then was able to stock up on baking mixes at the grocery store (cheating, I know).

One of my roommates was making a trip, so I figured I could pick up a few things.

Having a guide helped this trip go a lot smoother than my attempt on Monday.

Since getting my license, I’ve already had access to a car. Until now. Let me tell you, the experience is weird. I take a lot of opportunities for granted when I can just hop in my car and get to where I need to go.

Getting groceries, finding a job, going to church. All a lot harder with no wheels. Except the bus, of course!

I’m figuring it out, but it’s been a process.

I also almost forgot to run today! I’m headed out to do that now and trying to decide if I want to make some brownies tonight or tomorrow. I agree all the ice cream yesterday.

Goodnight everybody!

Update: the run was a little colder today.

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