Getting Outside – Day 36

Lots of snow last night! Perfect snowman snow, too. Unfortunately, I did not walk to the gym with anyone at 5:30, and so had no chance to use the perfect snowball I made.

Leg day at the gym and then a run didn’t feel too bad until I was walking back uphill. Good thing I had time for a nap before class.

I had three new classes today, and it was a little more stressful. There’s going to be a lot of homework. A

Trying to make a new routine is always the hardest part of change for me. The excitement and freedom of a new experience is wearing off but the comfort of the daily grind remains elusive. It’s one of those things you just have to wait out.

That’s the worst. It seems like there’s nothing proactive to do about making myself feel better.

That’s not exactly true though. I made it outside to enjoy some sun (just between classes), and then stood in the cold to watch some ice climbing as it got dark. A hotdog, some good conversation, and some tips on navigating the city helped get me ready for an hour of physics.

My late class went well, but I was still feeling out of sorts. Upon getting to my apartment, I plugged in some headphones, blasted some Thomas Bergersen, and washed dishes, did laundry, and even spent some time with my sketchbook. The combination of setting myself up for tomorrow and unwinding was awesome.

I hate feeling unsettled, but I have to remember that I can always do something small more centered. Sometimes great moments of drive and creativity come out of stressful times. Other times I just get through it not too much the worse for wear. No shame in that either.

Now I’m headed to bed for a pinch of sleep before shoulders and abs tomorrow.

Sleep well, everybody. Hang in there through these dark, cold months. It’s a great time to practice getting plenty of rest.


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