College School Supplies – Day 35

First day of school guys!

I actually only had one class, so it was pretty chill.  Usually I will have Chemistry lab on Tuesday nights, but none of my labs start until next week.

When I left home, I made sure to bring binders, some looseleaf, writing utensils, and my laptop.  I was feeling pretty prepared.

My Tuesday morning class is Computer Programming.  We went over the syllabus and got good information but nothing was too exciting.

Then, I walked out of class and down a few flights of stairs only to discover that my backpack was open.  Strange, considering I had definitely zipped it after class.  Nothing was stolen or anything.

The problem was that the zipper had completely separated.

This happened over the weekend and I was able to move the zipping mechanism back far enough to get the zipper to re-lock.  Today, sadly, the zipper opened completely, and there’s no fixing it now.

Frustrating, considering I spent $60 on a backpack at the beginning of senior year hoping it would last me at least through college.

I know 60 dollars isn’t really that much, but it seems like a lot on top of textbook fees, not to mention tuition.

There is a silver lining though.

While packing for Alaska, I consolidated my emergency kit into a tupperware for ease of travel.  At the top of said tupperware are a few pairs of nitrile gloves (EMT thing), and directly under those is a coin purse.  This is no ordinary coin purse.  Instead, it contains a life-saving collection of safety pins, binder clips, rubber bands, and other connection devices.  In the midst of all that, the holy grail of pinners everywhere … baby pins.


My backpack now closes (partially), and gained some cute little turtle accessories.

Keep in mind when packing for college: baby pins are the best.

Goodnight everyone!

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