Participation Points – Day 33

Today was my first full day in Alaska!

I used Lyft for the first time, which went well, and checked in to my campus housing before 9 am.  I’m sharing an apartment with 3 other girls, and so far everyone has been amazingly nice.

I unpacked a tiny bit and then set off for New Student Orientation.  Orientation was planned for a full 7 hours, and I was not expecting too much.  All new students are required to attend, but I had no idea who that would be at spring semester.

Turns out, I met some very cool people.  Yes, some of the presentations were long.  There were a lot of people I didn’t talk to, and our campus tour guide spoke very quietly.  Those not so great things aren’t as important as the upsides.

There was free food all day.  I got to know the campus and the programs better than I would have so quickly otherwise.

Mainly, on my first day completely alone in a new city, I made some friends.  We played laser tag, so it’s official now.

new girl friends

It was an amazingly busy day with only one event, but I’m super happy that I went.  (Note awkward rhyming in that sentence).  This was an example to me of when participation counts.  I nearly let myself miss a great opportunity to meet people because I was afraid orientation would be boring.

Expecting the worst doesn’t get me anywhere, but deciding to jump in and participate does.  No matter what, giving 100% to what I’m doing makes it more fun.  That’s something I need to remember more often.

Best of luck as everyone heads back to school for the new semester.  Remember to jump in! Goodnight.

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