Only Two Bags! – Day 30


I got everything packed!  It was a bit of an adventure, but what I need for the next four months is stowed in one suitcase and a hiking backpack.  I’m leaving for Alaska Saturday.

Leaving home today was the biggest step of the trip.  There’s no going back for anything now.  Any left-over stuff gets mailed or left behind.

I do have one box of a quilt, some sweaters, and other miscellaneous items my mom will be mailing to me.  All the essentials get carried up though!

My goal was to go with two bags, and so far I’m really happy.  There’s not a lot of worry at this point, just excitement and a little bit of sad that I won’t see my family for so long!  (I know, I’m a total wuss, it’s only 4 months).

I said goodbye to my dad and two of my brothers.  Henry and my mom are in MN with me until I fly out.

I did get to spend the whole 8 hour car trip to MN with my mom, which was great.  We had lots of coffee and some awesome conversation.  Luckily, I will be able to talk to everyone from Alaska.  I can even see their faces, but I’ll miss their hugs.

Thanks for putting up with the short posts, tomorrow I should give myself a bit more time for blogging.  Stay tuned for more Alaska!

Goodnight everyone.

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