Dog Wash! – Day 26

The temperature is rising!  I love warm days, but melting ice brings mud, and mud brings… dog baths.

Aro is a standard poodle and became my roommate at the beginning of November.  Today, she stayed home while the rest of us cheered at my brother’s hockey game.

Upon arriving home, I found an amazing mess, and subsequently kicked Aro outside.  The problem, while I’m living with my parents, is that my brother’s dog, Luna, and Aro have conflicting personalities.  My dog was inside, so Luna had stayed outside, where she covered herself in mud.

First, Luna got a bath while Aro went outside.  Next, it was Aro’s turn.

At bath time she always manages to look like this.

wet cat

Actually, after brushing out tangles, removing some burrs she found under the snow, and wrestling her into the shower, she behaved amazingly well.  Nobody said she had to look happy about it.

After her bath, she shook enough water around to wash the bathroom too.  She even let me blow dry her, so I can’t really complain.

The best part of bath adventures is having a clean dog to cuddle!  Now I get to enjoy it for half an hour until she has to go outside again.

In other news, I leave for Alaska in less than a week!  My suitcase has been sitting on my floor half packed for a few days, so I’ll tackle that tomorrow morning.  Stay tuned for updates on that.

Best wishes for everyone going back to school for spring semester.  I have lots of math and science in my schedule so there will be plenty of studying.

Quick College Tip!

Anyone in western states going to an out-of-state college in another western state, look into Western Undergraduate Exchange.  WUE is saving me thousands off my Alaska tuition and if it’s offered and you’re eligible all they need is proof of residence.  Super sweet deal.

I’m going to get a jump start on packing away everything I want to leave at my parent’s, and I even got my post done before 11 o’clock tonight.

‘Night everybody!

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