Packing for Alaska – Day 23

January 13th I’m flying to Fairbanks, Alaska!  Today, the packing began.

First, I moved home for winter break and donated a few boxes of clothing and housewares before leaving Fargo.  While I was unpacking the boxes I brought home, there was another round of stuff to get rid of.  Today, only a few leftovers are overflowing on my bedroom floor.

My goal is to check one suitcase (a hard sided carryon size) and carry my hiking backpack onto the plane.  Two bags.  Hence, the donating of stuff.

Obviously, I am not a minimalist.  I probably won’t become one either, but I like the idea of procuring and keeping possessions with intention.

Also, travel is expensive so packing light is essential.

I haven’t packed everything yet, because I need some clothes for the next week, but here’s how it’s gone so far.

Stage 1: Going through every drawer in my room.

Why do I have a bunch of toy cars in my vanity?  Hey, I’ve been looking for that for a year!

Stage 2: Asking the tough questions. 

Have I worn this in recent memory?  Ever?  Is that supposed to be broken?  Where did I get that stain?

Stage 3: Deciding what goes.

Obviously I need that Tommy Boy shirt.  The logo is worn off, but it’s a workout shirt now.  I workout.

Stage 4: Staging everything (on my bed).


Wow, that’s not so bad.

Stage 5: Staging everything else I forgot.

Sheets.  Blanket.  Towel.


Stage 6: Consider moving everything off the bed to sleep.

I’m tired, but it’s only 10:30.  Plenty of time yet.

Stage 7: Packing the checked bag.

If I sit on it now it will probably zip.

Stage 8: Realizing I need half that stuff over the next week.

What if I wear that dress to church?

Stage 9: Unpacking half the bag.

Yep, I need that lotion, and those shoes, and that sweater.

Stage 10: Realizing what time it is.

11:30?! And I still have to blog?!

Stage 11: Moving everything off the bed.

Piles everywhere.  Exhaustion.  Hello, old friends.

Stage 10: Leave the real packing for tomorrow.

Tomorrow is a whole new day to overestimate how much my backpack can actually hold!  Plus, I’ve got a whole week left to procrastinate doing this.

I’m going to crash on my newly cleared bed.  Goodnight!


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