Getting a Cavity Filled – Day 22

There’s nothing better than a cup of tea and a tiny cookie after a morning run.

I’m not back to school yet, but my dad (and current running buddy) went back to work today.  Therefore, we were up and on the road at 6.  Getting an early start to the day is pretty awesome, and the sunrise was totally worth it.  I’ve got to get back to waking up early before class starts anyway.

Getting my run done early in the day gives me a great sense of accomplishment right away.  The rest of the day always goes better and today was no exception.  I even did laundry and cleaned!

I’m a fan of podcasts while doing chores because I can multitask without missing the visual part of a TV show.  Today I started Heaven’s Gate, about the cult of the same name, which is very interesting, though dark.

I heard about it through the Skimm, which is actually a great daily newsletter.  I use that and the New York Times Daily Briefing to stay (and get) informed.  Email newsletters are one of my favorite news sources because I can get the updates I need right to my inbox.

Note for college kids like me: The New York Times student subscription is only $1 a week!

The day was good but not too exciting until my dentist appointment.  Turns out, my tooth was chipping apart, but they drilled that part out to fill the cavity I had.  No root canal needed!  I have to watch for lingering cold sensitivity, but my fingers are crossed that everything gets better now.

This was my first cavity, and I was surprised by how painless the process was.  The Novocain shot didn’t even hurt because they used a topical numbing agent first.

Ordering coffee an hour later at Starbucks was interesting though.

The dentist’s office has a TV within sight of every chair, so I watched The Doctors while they drilled away at my tooth.  The 20 year old they were treating on the opioid crisis segment really put things in perspective.

I was actually quite nervous about this appointment.  My tooth has been a huge stressor, as I mentioned yesterday.  The filling process was faster than I expected and I only have a little lingering soreness a few hours later.  I’m blaming that on the two needle pokes.

Overall, my anxiety about the filling was much worse than the actual treatment.  Prevention is the best option, but cavities aren’t the end of the world.  If that’s obvious to everyone, it only took me 20 years to figure out.

Best of luck to anyone else looking forward to a dentist appointment.  I’m off to brush (and floss) my teeth again.


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