Dogs are a Girl’s Best Friend – Day 17

perdita anita

Last night I sat on the couch and wrote my blog post with my dog curled around my feet.  She slept on the rug while I was in the shower and cuddled up when we went to bed.

This morning when I woke up at 2:30 am she jumped up, hopped in the car, and slept another 4 hours with her head in my lap.

She chews my socks, drags my laundry around the house, and sometimes tears open the garbage while I’m in the shower.  I forgive her, as she forgives me when I sleep in an hour and feed her late, or run errands after work while she waits in her kennel.

She makes me better, because every day I get a new dose of unconditional love, and I learn how to give it back.  My job is to care for this crazy animal, and I take that responsibility seriously.  When she cries to go out at 6 am I get up.  When I run a few hours after that she’s right beside me.  On bad days, when it’s cold and I’m tired, she drags me outside and makes me smile.  I protect and nurture her, and she makes me feel safe and comfortable.

As I write this ode to my dog, she’s sleeping at my feet.  That looks like a great idea after being awake for 20 hours.

In other news, my daily mile has been going well.  My dad and brother are the real MVPs for accompanying me.  We drove to MN today for an extended family Christmas tomorrow and having time in the car to connect with my dad was the best.

Sometimes I forget to treasure time with the people I care about.  That’s part of the reason I decided to write about my dog today.  Family, friends, and dogs are treasures to cherish.

Now I’m off to appreciate some sleep after a long day with my furry best friend.  Goodnight, all!

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