Feel Better Fast – Day 16

Today was a good day, but it had all the beginnings of a bad one.

I woke up late, unmotivated, and cold (again).  It’s easy to stay in bed, watch Youtube videos and avoid the sun, but that doesn’t make getting up tomorrow any easier.  What will?

Shower.  Feeling gross never motivated anyone to do anything.  More specifically, washing my face and brushing my teeth make the whole feel-good operation.  Simple, but effective.

Eat something healthy.  It doesn’t have to be fancy, but make sure there’s protein and veggies.  A green eggs (spinach) and ham sandwich is my favorite breakfast fix.  Citrus is also great for feeling refreshed.

Exercise.  Run a mile, do a short yoga video, stationary bike.  Pick your poison but break a sweat and get some endorphins flowing.  I prefer to work out in the morning before a shower, but endorphins work anytime of day.

Wash the dishes.  Piled dishes are a huge, if low level, stressor for me.  Finishing the chore is easy and I can watch Netflix during whatever time it takes out of my day.  Two birds, one stone.

Clean.  At minimum, clean any counters, shelves, or table tops that have amassed whatever accumulates on flat surfaces.  My desk stares me in the face every day.  Paperwork there is a reminder that I’m procrastinating on something.  Stressful.

Make the phone call.  Maybe I don’t want to call my rental company.  Or the admissions, res life, or financial aid office.  Maybe I haven’t opened my electric bill yet.  Maybe I’m apprehensive about sending in a job application.  Whatever it is I’m avoiding, doing it is never worse than not.  Usually

Do something you enjoy.  Exercise already hits this for me, but my other coping mechanism is baking.  Baking in a clean kitchen after I sorted through everything hanging over my head is even better.  Put on a face mask, spend time with friends, walk the dog, call Mom.  Wrap up the day with something you love.

Get good sleep.  Last but not least.  Go to bed at a decent time and in my case, don’t stay up in bed reading on your phone.  Set an alarm, put the phone down, and get ready for another productive day tomorrow!

Don’t let a bad start ruin a perfectly good day.  Facing whatever I’ve been avoiding, even if that’s just a phone call or a bill, is the best feeling in the world.

Cheers to a productive day, against all odds.  I’m off to bed for some good sleep.



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