Baby it’s Cold Outside – Day 14


-20 this morning in North Dakota!  That’s Fahrenheit, in case this post ever (virtually) makes it outside the States.

This morning was the ultimate “my nose is cold so I don’t want to move from bed” day.  Last year when I repainted the outside corner of my room I felt a breeze on my face, and now I regret not fixing that.  A lot.

On the bright side, my pup is a cuddle bug so my feet were warm.

Upon finally dragging myself from bed, I layered up for a run. It was really more of a leap from bed though.  I’ve always been the type who prefers to dive in when confronted with icy water, or air, in this case.  I actually went for the run, too! My dad is great enough to be my running buddy, even in the bitter cold.  I hope everyone had some great family and friend time over the holidays.

As motivation, I made sure to waste plenty of time watching workout videos before I got up.  Fitspo from bed is the real deal, folks.  So far I haven’t done any of the ab work on my Watch Later though.  We’ll see how the next two hours fare.

In other internet news, I am working my way through Friends on Netflix.  I’m late to the party, I know.  It seems everyone loves Friends, and I couldn’t hold out after finishing the 5th season of New Girl (still waiting for Season 6, Netflix).

This show reminds me of all the great friends in my life.  I don’t see them every day, but I love the random texts, notes, and Pinterest memes that make me smile. Making new friends is something I’m a little worried about as I move in January.  There’s nothing like starting fresh 2,000 miles from home with no connections to raise a girl’s confidence.

I’m anticipating challenges, but am excited for everything Alaska has to offer.  After this morning’s run, the weather shouldn’t be too much of a change, and there’s less wind!  We’ll see how the dark goes.  Sleeping in can be an issue for me though, so I might have to invest in a light-up, fake sun type alarm clock.

On that note, sleeping through class or just opting out gave me some issues last year.  Obviously freshman year is a bit of a learning curve.  Even though every single “Know Before Going to College” list says to go to class, I didn’t get the memo.  Alaska is a fresh start.  This round, no slacking off.

Twenties Task #4 – Go to class.  Even lecture.

This post has been a bit of a ramble, like a casual walk-about on a day approximately 80 degrees warmer than this one.  Bad hydration habits today and a few nights of low sleep have conspired to give me a nice throbbing headache, so I’ll be signing off for the day.

Best wishes to everyone as we wrap up 2017.  I’ll be hitting the hay after one more episode of Friends.

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