Setting Off – Day 3

Today I’ve been twenty for three days.

So far as a 20 year old I’ve learned that lemon zest gives muffins more flavor than the lemon juice I was using and that dipping frosted cupcakes in sprinkles works beautifully.  A third lesson, unrelated to baking, has solidified in my mind.

This blogging thing is harder than I expected.

Tonight I ordered a coffee, found a corner table at Starbucks, opened my computer, and… nothing.  It’s like sitting down in a lecture hall, opening a test, and forgetting everything I know on the subject.

Usually words come to me in snippets throughout the day.  I have a few notepads on my phone full of sentences and sentiments that flutter through my brain.

Sitting down to write for a blog is different.  First, knowing I’m writing something people will (hopefully) read is a lot more intimidating.  Blogging is a lot easier to second guess than writing for myself.  I don’t need to second guess the ideas that are hiding safely in my documents folder.

In blogging there are lots of questions.  What do people want to read?  What do I have to say that’s new and different and interesting?  Why do I think I’m prepared or qualified to start a blog?

I don’t have a lot of answers.

This blog is an exercise in diving in.  Diving in head first might not be smart, but it’s sure exhilarating.  Writing is scary and freeing and experimental.  When it’s hard to start writing sometimes I think about reading instead.  I read to escape, to travel, to experience new feelings.  This blog is a little bit about those things, but it’s also about shared experiences and relatable struggles and the regular, day to day feelings I sometimes forget to write about.

This blog is about growing up.  It’s about learning.  It’s about getting over the fear of no one caring about what I have to say.  Maybe somewhere in all that there’s something to start writing about.  You’ll know as soon as I find out.

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