5 starssss. AHHHH. I love this book.  Space, badass women, sci-fi.  Read it. If you like... kickass characters, sci-fi, action, screaming to yourself.

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The Bear and The Nightingale

5 stars!   Katherine Arden has created a masterpiece.  This book sets my rating scale. If you like... Russian characters, folklore retellings, religious symbolism, unconventional heroines, winter.

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Little Beach Street Bakery

4 stars! This book is adorable.  There's a bakery and fishermen and a beekeeper.  Cue all the warm and fuzzies. If you like... sweet stories, stories about moving, mid-life crisis, starting over, baking bread, Jenny Colgan, chick lit. This review was prefaced by my second reading of this book.  I looked it up because I... Continue Reading →

The Bookshop on the Corner

3 stars.   This is a solid example of 'chick lit' that can be digested without effort or disappointment. If you like... librarian/book nerd characters, grumpy leading men, visions of Scotland, chick lit. I happily listened to The Bookshop on the Corner on audiobook.  My commute was too early for talk radio to be on, so... Continue Reading →

Daughters of the Bride

4 stars. Susan Mallery delivers another wonderfully atmospheric romance with an intriguing focus on family dynamics. If you like... Susan Mallery, romance, relatable characters, shared storylines!

Christmas on 4th Street

4 stars. Susan Mallery delivers, once again, a charming love story set in Fools Gold. If you like... sweet romance, Christmas romance, Fools Gold. This book is a winner.  Susan Mallery's writing is fun and foolproof if you want to feel good and enjoy some classic romance. Her Fools Gold books immerse you in a... Continue Reading →

Piña Coladas/Getting Caught in the Rain

Alright, fine.  It was a pineapple popsicle.  Rupert Holmes didn't mention popsicles though, so that title didn't flow as well. I was eating a pineapple popsicle yesterday because it has been ridiculously hot. Hot weather is not for me. I appreciate a nice beach and the sunshine as much as the next girl, but I'm... Continue Reading →

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