The Bear and The Nightingale

5 stars!  

Katherine Arden has created a masterpiece.  This book sets my rating scale.

If you like... Russian characters, folklore retellings, religious symbolism, unconventional heroines, winter.

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Yours for Christmas

5 stars! This is becoming a problem. I'm not running a Susan Mallery reviews blog. Probably. More important, Bailey and Kenny's story is the actual cutest. I refuse to admit how many times I have read it (it's a nice short read, especially if you spend the entire day doing nothing else). If you like... Christmas romance, single parents, love, cuteness, Fools Gold, Susan Mallery.

A Fool’s Gold Christmas

5 stars! Okay. There is a dancer and a lawyer and they both aren't into Christmas and guess what happens?? Yep. It's good and fun and you should read it. If you're not diving face first into the Christmas spirit with me, read this one anyway. If you like... Christmas romance, such cute moments beside Christmas trees, family dynamics, Fool's Gold, Susan Mallery.

Only Us

4 stars! Another Susan Mallery gem. Rina and Cameron's story is fun and heartwarming! Rina kicks some serious ass and stands up for herself, which is great to see in a classic romance. If you like... Christmas romance, animal lovers falling in love, single parents, Fools Gold, Susan Mallery.

Saga – Chapter One

4.5 stars.

This was terrible to rate.  It misses 5 stars for me because I followed it with Nevernight, which is kind of unfair.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book but I'm not quite pulled into the story enough in one volume to invest emotionally the way that warrants that last star.  The art is phenomenal, in an interesting, almost hallucinogenic style.  A+ graphic novel, now I just have to shell out all my money and continue the story!

If you like... graphic novels, amazing artwork, fantastic beasts (drawn out!), battles, space, politics.

Wrapped Up in You

4 stars! A heartfelt and interesting Christmas romance! This story strikes the balance of traditionally cheesy and refreshing. There's some fun intrigue at the beginning, and some good ~tension~. Do recommend. If you like... Christmas romance, holiday 'getaway' stories, resolving family issues, Stephanie Rowe.

Christmas on 4th Street

4 stars! This book is a winner.  The bar for 5 stars has been set high (and I've possible re-read this book a few too many times) so it just misses that final ~wow~ factor for me.  Even so, this love story is packed with warm, fuzzy feelings and holiday magic.  Susan Mallery's writing is fun... Continue Reading →


5 stars.

Wow.  I read the first pages this spring and finally made it back to the entire book.  24 hours later and the verdict?  Worth it.  Jay Kristoff delivers a gruesome tale to begin his trilogy and I can't wait to start the second book.

If you like... assassins, intrigue, action, Hunger Games-esque challenges (but soo much better), INTERNAL CONFLICT, revenge plots.

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